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Frequently Asked Questions

Technicians get a discount?

Certainly. OFTEC Direct was set up to provide OFTEC Registered Technicians with equipment they may have trouble sourcing. It was also felt that as an OFTEC Registered Technician they should be able to purchase goods at a discounted rate. Registered Technicians’ prices are 10% lower than non-Registered Technicians. Another benefit to being Registered with OFTEC.

What are the delivery times?

We will endeavour to get the goods to you as soon as possible but we always ask customers to please allow 14 days for delivery.

Is there still a printed catalogue?

There is a printed catalogue and this will be sent out to all Registered Technicians twice a year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Thereafter, if can be obtained by getting in touch with OFTEC.

Is it safe to insert my credit card details to purchase goods?

The system uses the highest level of online security to give you peace of mind when using OFTEC Direct.

Do I need to be OFTEC Registered to purchase goods from OFTEC Direct?

Most goods are available to Registered and non-Registered Technicians although prices do vary for the two. Customers are asked for the Registered Technician number when registering themselves with OFTEC Direct. This means any Registered Technician discount will automatically be deducted when your bill is totalled.

It will not accept my OFTEC Company/and or Technician Number when registering to use OFTEC Direct?

When entering your OFTEC Company number use only the numbers, no letters i.e. If your Company Number is "C0000", you enter "0000".

When entering your OFTEC Technician number use only the first 5 numbers, no letters or punctuation marks i.e. If your Technician is Number "A00000/101/102", you must enter "00000"

COVID-19 Update

We are currently only accepting online orders - however, the full product range is now available.

Read more on our COVID-19 information page.