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Servicing &
Workwear Control
Electrical Installation Miscellaneous Tools
1/4" Drive extendabl
CODE: M/175

10M Drain Down Hose
CODE: M/136

12" Groove Joint Pli
CODE: M/151B

15" Engineers Holdal
CODE: M/308

Rotary Pipe Cutter
CODE: M/371

2- Way ratcheting sc
CODE: M/174

32pc 1/4" Drive spli
CODE: M/171

42mm PVC Pipe Cutter
CODE: M/152A

7" Combination Plier
CODE: M/151

8" Long Nose Pliers
CODE: M/152

Digital Wood Moistur
CODE: M/184

Engineers Olive/Wash
CODE: M/144

Expert Side cutting
CODE: M/151A

Extra Reach Combinat
CODE: M/272

Heavy Duty Int. & Ex
CODE: M/153A

Inspection Mirror &
CODE: M/126A

New Product
Mini Pipe Cutter
CODE: M/356

Mini Tube Bender
CODE: M/124

Multi-Purpose Plumbi
CODE: M/373

Nozzle Spanner
CODE: M/158

Nylon Tube Brushes
CODE: M/167

Olive Splitter
CODE: M/144A

Phillips Screwdriver
CODE: M/138

Plumbers swivel back
CODE: M/133

Premium screwdriver
CODE: M/177

Regin Eye Video Bore
CODE: M/291

Set of 10 Hex Keys -
CODE: M/359

Set of 10 Hex Keys -
CODE: M/360

Set of 2 Long Reach
CODE: M/154

Set of 3 Phillips Sc
CODE: M/140A

Soft Bristle Brush
CODE: M/168

Steel Wire Mini Brus
CODE: M/129

Steel Wire Mini Brus
CODE: M/129A

Stumpy Adjustable Wr
CODE: M/357

Surface Saver
CODE: M/153B

T Handled Hex Ball D
CODE: M/173

Telescopic Inspectio
CODE: M/126

Testo 317-3 ambient
CODE: M/383

Testo Smartprobes 80
CODE: M/382

Testo Smartprobs 115
CODE: M/381

Water Pressure Gauge
CODE: M/369

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