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Servicing &
Workwear Control
Electrical Installation Miscellaneous Tools
Registered Heating B
CODE: M/004

9 Litre General Purp
CODE: M/102D

Absorbent Pads Pack
CODE: M/239

Apollo Smart Oil Mon
CODE: M/329

Apollo Tank Gauge
CODE: M/328

Ash Vacuum
CODE: M/122

'Back To Black' Touc
CODE: M/155

Blue Paper Towel Rol
CODE: M/186

Brass Clock Type Rad
CODE: M/374

Chemvac Boiler Clean
CODE: M/166

Cherry Bomb Fuel Oil
CODE: M/190

Chimney & Flue Clean
CODE: M/310

Cree Led Head Torch
CODE: M/377

Cree LED Panoramic T
CODE: M/379

Expel C Chemical Boi
CODE: M/218

FireAngel CO-9B LED
CODE: M/182

First Aid Kit 1-10 P
CODE: M/349

Flue 'N' Fire - Blac
CODE: M/128A

Flue 'N' Fire - Natu
CODE: M/128

Flux Brushes 3 per c
CODE: M/367

Fuel Spill Sponge -
CODE: M/344

Grime Boss Heavy Dut
CODE: M/363

Heldite 250ml Tin
CODE: M/327

High Temperature Sea
CODE: M/285

Kane Personal CO Mon
CODE: M/263


Kolor Kut Fuel Findi
CODE: M/290

LED Inspection Torch
CODE: M/378

Liquid Safe! Oil Cle
CODE: M/192A

Maintenance Mat 1350
CODE: M/376

Nozzle Box
CODE: M/131

Odor Eliminator
CODE: M/188

Oil Spill Kits
CODE: M/102ABasic

Oil Tank Alarm Warni
CODE: M/313

Oil Tank One Piece L
CODE: M/221

Pen Type Pressure Ga
CODE: M/164

CODE: M/312

Premier Stumpy Silic
CODE: M/128B

Pressure Vessel-Chec
CODE: M/163

Pure Air Odor Elimin
CODE: M/191

Registered Oil Heati
CODE: M/005

Registered Renewable
CODE: M/006

Registered Solid Fue
CODE: M/007

Safe! Environmental
CODE: M/192

SmartFan Mini
CODE: M/196

CODE: M/165

Stove & Grate Polish
CODE: M/310A

Stove Pipe Thermomet
CODE: M/162

Sweet Air Powder
CODE: M/193

Tank Dryer
CODE: M/314

Turbojell 500ml Heat
CODE: M/213

Watchman Alarm (Ultr
CODE: M/211

Watchman Sonic (Ultr
CODE: M/212

Water Absorbers
CODE: M/316

Water Finding Paste
CODE: M/309

Water Hogs
CODE: M/109A