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Servicing &
Workwear Control
Electrical Installation Miscellaneous Tools
15 X Universal Filte
CODE: M/325

Flat Seals
CODE: M/325J

Brass Washers
CODE: M/325N

Cork Seals
CODE: M/325L

230 Volt Pump Fuel T
CODE: M/330

Date of Next Service
CODE: M/179

25 Warning Stickers
CODE: M/134

6 Litre Suction & Di
CODE: M/336

Stove Rope & Fixativ
CODE: M/154A

O Rings Seal
CODE: M/325C

Aga Style Roll of Wi
CODE: M/289

Anglo Nordic Fire Va
CODE: M/292

Atkinson AFV-1000-KI
CODE: M/353

Atkinson TM4660F Tan
CODE: M/352

Atkinson TM4660SK Ta
CODE: M/354

Brigon Smoke Pump
CODE: M/214

Brigon Soot Scale Ch
CODE: M/214A

Combined Flow/Pressu
CODE: M/370

Draught Gauge
CODE: M/176

Drip Tray
CODE: M/326

Filter Element (Refi
CODE: M/325A

Flue Brush & Rake Se
CODE: M/147

Flue Brush Set - 3 B
CODE: M/125

Kane 255 Analyser wi
CODE: M/197

Kane 255 Kit
CODE: M/198

Kane 452NO Analyser
CODE: M/319A

Kane 452NO Kit
CODE: M/319

Kane Combustion Prob
CODE: M/346

Kane Infra-Red Print
CODE: M/297

Multi Purpose Siphon
CODE: M/337

Multi-size Fan Pulle
CODE: M/205

Oil Extraction Vacuu
CODE: M/304

Oil Filter Tools
CODE: M/208

Oil Pressure Gauge S
CODE: M/278

Oil Priming Pump
CODE: M/215

Oil Siphon / Sludge
CODE: M/216

Pipe Therm Steel Dia
CODE: M/270

Printer Rolls Pkt 5
CODE: M/348

Replacement Filter E
CODE: M/348A

Semi sacrificial sof
CODE: M/243

Service & Comissioni
CODE: M/119

Service & Commission
CODE: M/107

Sight Gauge Float Le
CODE: M/355A

Smoke Filter Paper (
CODE: M/156

Smoke Matches Tub of
CODE: M/339

Smoke Pellets 3g Gre
CODE: M/340

Teddington Oil Fire
CODE: M/295

Testo 310 Printer Ki
CODE: M/333

Testo 310 Standard K
CODE: M/332

Testo Flue Gas Analy
CODE: M/277

Testo Manual Smoke P
CODE: M/279

Thermal Commissionin
CODE: M/123

Ultimate Liquid Suct
CODE: M/238A

ULTIMATE liquid suct
CODE: M/236

Ultimate replacement
CODE: M/241A

Universal Filter Pac
CODE: M/324

UPS Replacement Vacu
CODE: M/240

Warning Tags Pack of

Waste Oil Drainer Ta
CODE: M/274